Your Posture Matters So Much!

Beauty is always in the eyes of the beholder – but if you want to shine with self-confidence and naturalness as you walk down the aisle on your Big Day, you should definitely pay attention to your posture.

How to do that and how to improve your posture as soon as possible? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

  • First of all, know what a correct posture looks like. Ideally, your back should be straight (but not too straight, so that you don’t look too “stiff”), your shoulders should be relaxed, and your entire body should have a very well-balanced vibe to it. Look at yourself in the mirror: if you see one of the hips lower than the other, or any other disproportions, make sure to correct the issue.
  • To improve your posture in a few minutes per day, practice basic Pilates moves. This workout is based on the “powerhouse” concept – or what is otherwise known as the core center of your body. Controlling the middle-back and belly area and keeping them tight will help you improve your posture in record time!
  • Once you have mastered this, you will walk with more elegance – and not even handling the bouquet and a pair of high heels at once will scare you off! Don’t expect this to happen overnight – but with a little practice, you can definitely pull of a splendid posture that looks gorgeous both in real life and in the pictures!

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