Pearl Pins Are Such a Lovely Addition to Bridal Style!

The simplest hairstyle will look a thousand times better when it is well-done, and when it is accessorized with the right pieces. So, if you want your hairstyle to be really stylish, you should definitely consider pearl pins – they are a big trend right now, and, truth be told, they look absolutely lovely!

How to incorporate pearl pins into your wedding hairstyle? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

  • Elegant chignon. Pull your hair up in a chic, messy chignon if you want to look really pretty and feminine without overdoing it. Add a few single-pearled pins here and there too – it will make the style pop with grace and beauty!
  • Braided diagonal sweep. This is a hairstyle that’s absolutely perfect for brides whose hair is somewhere in between (not short, not long either). With a gold and pearls accessory intertwined with the braid, this hairstyle will look absolutely flawless, especially for a boho chic bride who wants to be really stylish.
  • Half plaited, with pearls and flowers. Looking for a hairstyle that incorporates the beauty of nature, and would look totally amazing at a rustic chic wedding? A half plaited ponytail intertwined with wildflowers and pearl pins will be a fantastic choice for you!
  • Just a touch of pearly beauty. Do you have long hair and planning to let it down on the wedding day? Just pull your hair back a bit with a multi-pearl pin. It will be such a pretty, feminine, and unique touch!


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