Find bridal beauty inspiration from the runway!

If you are like most of the other brides-to-be, you want your wedding look to be spectacular from all points of view. Are you lost for ideas, though? If yes, we have some inspiration from you – right from the runway! Read on and learn more about the latest trends in bridal beauty!
•    Fake eyelashes. The best part about fake eyelashes is that they are amazing at making the entire makeup pop with beauty and grace. What’s more, they can work fantastically well with a low-key and toned-down makeup as well.
•    Orange-red lipstick. As you may have expected it, red lipstick has not gone out of fashion (when has it, really?). However, this year’s runways sport a lighter shade of red lipsticks – an orange-toned statement color that will brighten up your entire makeup and look. Pair it with dramatic eyes and a low chignon and you will feel breath-taking as you walk down the aisle!
•    Flawless skin. Not much of a lipstick and eye shadow fan? That’s OK, because the latest runway trends are also showing off extremely natural makeup options as well. Work on your skin and add a dewy or glowy look to it and your look will be absolutely perfect!
•    Well-groomed brows. Make sure you groom your brows before the Big Day and shape them in a natural way – not too thin, not too thick either. Wearing flawless brows wins half of the “battle” with makeup, really!
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