Choose the perfect “Something old, something new…” for your big day


If you are an old-school bride and love the “something old, something new…” tradition, you will definitely want to pay as much attention to it as you do with every other wedding detail. How do you make the best choices for your good luck? How do you choose something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.
•    Something old. This is mean to symbolize the fact that the bride is taking a piece of her family history with her. Most frequently, “something old” is represented by family heirlooms (brooches, jewelry, the mother’s wedding veil, and so on). If the item is returned after the wedding, it can also be considered as “something borrowed” too.
•    Something new. This symbolizes the new things gained by the bride through married. In most cases, the wedding gown can be considered as “something new” – but some brides may also want to buy something new to pass on to future brides in their family as well.
•    Something borrowed. This item is usually lent by a woman who is already happily married – and thus, she is lending her happiness and luck to the bride as well. In order for the bride to be genuinely happy in her marriage, she must make sure she will return the borrowed item – regardless of whether or not it plays the role of “something old” as well.
•    Something blue. In Ancient Rome, blue was considered to be the color of purity, love and fidelity – so it makes perfect sense that it was eventually included in weddings too. A lot of brides wear blue accessories, a blue garter or even wrap their bridal bouquets in something blue. However, the “blue element” is one of this tradition’s most creative parts, so you can definitely allow your imagination to roam free. Forms painting your nails blue to wearing a blue dress or having your bridesmaids wear blue dresses, there’s something for every bride out there!
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