Be on the safe side with a wedding emergency kit


All brides want to look fantastic on their wedding day – but sometimes, no matter how much you plan everything, accidents can still happen. The best way to deal with any potential accidents is by being prepared to fix them as quickly as possible – and an emergency kit can help you with that. Here are some of the items to include in it: •    For wedding dress-related accidents:  mini-sewing kit, stain remover, fashion tape, safety pins, white chalk (to mask stains that won’t come out) and shoe polish. Remember to include some items for your groom as well – such as boutonniere pins, cuff links or lint roller (to ensure his tux looks flawless for the pictures). •    For your appearance: tweezers, make-up remover, clear nail polish, hair tie, bobby pins, dental floss,  a small hairspray, lipstick, brush, mirror and any other make-up products you may need to refresh your look. •    For your body: a mini medical kit (with band aids basic medicine to take in case of headaches, for example), tissues, contact lenses solution (or glasses and wipes), blotting papers, handkerchiefs, deodorant, and sunscreen. •    For the extras: a straw (so that you don’t smudge your lipstick), phone charger (in case of emergencies), extra earrings backs, super glue, lighter, a small bottle of water, and so on. While these may not seem like mandatory, the truth is that they can be complete life-savers on your wedding day, when you want everything to be perfect.Searching for the very best wedding makeup artist and hairstylist? For someone to provide you with the dream hair and makeup you want for your big day – and someone who makes sure it will all stay put throughout the entire event? Contact Ultimate Bridal Beauty and we guarantee you will love our services!