Be sure you have no wedding regrets…


As the bride, be sure you do not have any wedding regrets!

Planning a wedding has never been (and it will most likely never be) easy in the full sense of the word. The good news is that with so many communication media at your disposal, you can definitely learn a lot from other bride’s mistakes, so that you do things differently and have a stress-free wedding.

What are some of the wedding-related regrets you might want to avoid? Read on and find out more.

  • Hiring a wedding planner. It may feel that planning a low-key wedding will be a lot easier than planning a very fancy event. However, as many brides say it too, a casual wedding takes just as much time and dedication to plan as a very formal one. Hiring a wedding planner can help you make things go smoothly and it can ensure you that you will actually enjoy your wedding day, instead of worrying about all the details that comprise it.
  • Overthinking the wedding colors. Yes, choosing beautiful colors for your wedding is But, at the end of the day, nobody will care if your napkins and your bouquet are 100% matched. Go with your gut feeling, choose colors you like and combine them in a way that’s well-balanced – but don’t spend your entire engagement thinking of the million-and-one shades of pink out there in the world.
  • Not listening to the dress designer and hairstylist’s advice. We know you are excited about finding the one, the dress that makes you feel like a true princess. However, do listen carefully to your dress designer and the hairstylist when they explain you how to take off the wedding train and the wedding veil. You can lose precious time of your wedding day trying to figure it out on your own – and that would be a real pity!

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