Your bridal bouquet should be beautiful!


Follow these trends to make sure it is:
There are many wedding elements that matter a lot for a bride – but when it comes to her look, everything has to be flawless. Sure, the perfect dress and the most beautiful shoes, the shiniest accessories and a huge smile on a bride’s face can all make her feel gorgeous – but what she carries in her hands as she walks down the aisle is equally important.
Your bridal bouquet should reflect you, your style and your personality – and this year’s bouquet trends are all about that! What are some of the most important tendencies in 2016’s wedding flowers? Here are some ideas to remember:
• Vintage touches. It’s been a while since we’ve fallen in love with vintage weddings – and this year will make no exception from this trend. In 2016, bridal bouquets are blooming with timeless elegance too! Chrysanthemums, dahlias and other vintage wedding flowers, as well as vintage fabrics for the bouquet wraps – they are all very much present in the wedding industry to enchant our eyes.
• Green, lots and lots of green! Blooming bouquets are still very popular – but a trend that’s been slowly entering our lives is that of using as much greenery as possible. Partially or totally green bouquets look vibrant and full of energy, they are less expensive than blooms and they can also be a much more environmentally-friendly choice too – so there’s really no reason not to love them!
• Local and seasonal flowers. Why would you order something across the border when every season can offer stunning floral options? Buying local and seasonal flowers will look more natural, it will provide you with fresher flowers and it can really help you save some money too!
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