Romance is important!


Romance is important! Incorporate some into your wedding reception

Your wedding reception is bound to be one of the most romantic moments of your entire life – but how do you actually show this? How do you create a wedding reception that yells romance from afar? We have gathered some tips for the most romantic couples out there – so read on if you need some inspiration:

The location of your reception is very, very important for its overall success. If you want to create a romantic wedding, think of a location that’s either meaningful for you as a couple (e.g. the place where he proposed) or inherently romantic by nature (e.g. a botanical garden, a beach or a vineyard).

  • Romantic details for everyone. Want to bring your guests closer to your love story? Write romantic facts about your relationship and place them on each of the table. Things you could write on these cards include where you first met, how he proposed, what is your favorite activity as a couple, and so on.
  • Meet the groom halfway. The tradition of “giving out the bride” is more than outdated – so why not make a turn for a truly romantic gesture and have the groom meet you halfway to the altar (maybe with your favorite flower as an offering)? You can walk up to there alone, with your father or with both of your parents – it’s your choice.
  • Invest in quality lighting. A great lighting professional can create a magic atmosphere at your wedding, especially during those special moments – such as your First Dance. A delicate monogram projected on the dance floor, a pink hue to emphasize your gorgeous centerpiece blooms, fairy lights for a summer outdoor wedding – these are details all guests will love.


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