Choosing the Right Dress


Knowing your body shape will allow you to choose the best wedding dress!

Picking the right wedding gown is extremely important for you as a bride-to-be. And while the design, the price and the fabric should matter a lot for you, it is also important to consider your body shape and what types of cuts look best on you.

How to do that? What are some of the most important things to know about finding a dress that suits your body shape? We have gathered some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

  • If you want to emphasize the upper area of your body, pay attention to the décolletage. In general, a sweetheart décolletage can help you make the bust larger and more feminine, while straight-cut necklines make the entire upper body look thicker.
  • If your lower area of the body is larger, settle on an A-line dress with a beautiful and smooth flow. This is an absolute classic that suits everyone and every body shape, so it’s a definite “must try” for just about any bride.
  • If you are shorter than the average, pay a lot of attention to your dress’ length. Anything too long will make you appear shorter than you actually are and a short dress can also make your legs look shorter as well.
  • If you are taller than the average, go for smooth dresses that flow excellently. Also, pay attention to the heels you wear as well. Being tall can be a great advantage, but it can also be tricky when you don’t want to appear too

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