Finding Inspiration

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Find inspiration for your wedding hairstyle by knowing the current trends. Everything will be of a paramount importance on your wedding day. From the shoes you wear to the flowers you set on the tables and from the dress you pick to the makeup you wear, everything will matter a lot.

Your hair makes absolutely no exception from this and it is extremely important that you choose a hairstyle that suits you, your style, your dress and your natural

beauty as well. What are some of the latest trends to inspire you in this decision? Read on and find out more.

  • Many wedding trends are inspired by the 1960s fashion this year – and they can definitely glam up almost any kind of face shape. Talk to your hair stylist and see what type of extra-volume style would suit you best. You will definitely love the final look.
  • Same as last year, braids are still a huge trend in bridal fashion. They are perfect for a very feminine and suave look, and they go amazingly well with BoHo-Chic and Rustic weddings (although they can be perfectly incorporated in a more elegant event as well).
  • High bum. Classy and timeless, the high bum comes in many “shapes” this year, so you will surely find something to suit you and your personal style. With or without accessories, very large or very small, braided or not, high bums will always be an elegant and feminine choice to make you feel like a true princess.

Searching for a genuinely talented and experienced hair stylist to take care of your wedding look? Contact Ultimate Bridal Beauty and together we will find and execute the most stunning hair style your guests have ever seen on a bride! We guarantee it will make you feel absolutely fabulous!