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Enhance your bridal beauty by getting enough sleep


If you are like just about every other bride in the history of weddings, you want to look picture-perfect on your wedding day. Surely, a beautiful dress, a well-executed makeup and a pretty hairstyle will all contribute to making you look as special and as radiant as you feel inside.
•    But sometimes, beauty has a lot to do with what comes from within too – and your grandma was more than right when she told you to get your “beauty sleep”. How to enhance your bridal beauty by sleeping better? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.
•    Leave multitasking behind. You are not a computer or a robot. You are a human being and you should be allowed to do things at a slower pace, one thing at a time. Constant multitasking can keep your “plug” in for much longer than needed – and thus, it can make you feel agitated at night when you are supposed to sleep.
•    Create a morning and a bedtime routine. Your body needs to slowly progress into sleep (and slowly come out of it as well). So, creating a relaxing bedtime routine and an energizing morning habit can be more than helpful. Just try it and see how much more well-rested you will feel!
•    Go to sleep at the same time, every day. Due to the highly stressful times you are experiencing, your hormonal balance will be slightly off when planning the Big Day. Going to sleep every day and maintaining the same circadian rhythms can help you regulate your body’s cortisol levels (also known as the “stress hormone”).
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