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Create your bridal hairstyle to complement your wedding season


Your wedding season has a huge influence on everything connected to the Big Day. Not only will your wedding season be important for your budget, the vendors’ availability and your guests’ presence, but it will also have a heavy influence on your décor and general wedding style.
How to match your bridal hairstyle with the beauties of the season outside? We have some inspiring ideas – so read on and find out more.
•    If you are a winter bride, you will want your hairstyle to be clean, polished and really elegant. Winter is all about stunning elegance and “frozen” timelessness, so your hair should speak about that. We suggest a low, sophisticated chignon, decorated with a silver hair wreath – it will look gorgeous!
•    If you are a spring bride, bring a little energy and liveliness into your hairstyle. A stylish plait accessorized with small beads and playful hair jewels will look more than amazing on the splendid background of spring!
•    If you are a summer bride, you should find a style that keeps you cool and sophisticated too. For example, side swept Hollywood Era-inspired curls will make for a fantastic bridal hairstyle choice – especially for those of you who don’t want to pull your hair up.
•    If you are a fall bride, search for a hairstyle that combines the opulence of the season with its almost magical color schemes. For instance, a side-swept pony tail with a lot of volume and dark jewel-toned accessories will look absolutely breath-taking on you!
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