Your bridesmaids deserve to have the most gorgeous dresses


Your bridesmaids are the wonderful ladies who will stand by you not only at the altar, but also throughout the entire wedding planning process. They all love you and want the best for you – so they will be ready to make sacrifices, just to make sure you are happy on your Big Day. Naturally, you want them to feel just as amazing as you do! But how do you choose bridesmaids’ dresses that are truly gorgeous? Here are some tips to help you decide: •    Simplicity is key. Choose dresses made from simple, beautiful fabrics that are adequate for the weather outside. Stick to simple designs and don’t choose anything too intricate – not only is this risky (because it may not look good on everyone), but it is also quite expensive (and remember, your bridesmaids are already spending a lot of money for the wedding and pre-wedding events!). •    You can allow them to make the choice too. Mismatched bridesmaids’ dresses are very popular these days, so why not make it simpler both for you and for your bridesmaids? Give them some color swatches and some guidelines and allow them to choose gowns that really suit them! Also, if you want to make it even simpler, think of bouquets that connect their dresses even if there’s no other “matching element” in them. •    Don’t be afraid to delegate. With so many issues to handle before the Big Day, it is perfectly understandable if things go slightly out of control. Delegate bridesmaids’ dresses-related tasks to your Maid of Honor (and even allow her to make the final calls) – as long as she has some guidelines from you, she will definitely do a great job at coordinating the other ladies! Still searching for a wedding hairstylist and makeup artist? Come visit Ultimate Bridal Beauty and take a look at our services! Come visit us and we will make you feel absolutely stunning on your wedding day!